Personal motto: kut belgisi bilge / 幸福之表征乃知识也 / knowledge is the sign of happiness

Hello everyone! My name is Jifeng Wu(吴系风) and you can call me Abbas. I am a Computer Science Masters’ student at UBC working with Alexander J. Summers and Caroline Lemieux in the Software Practices Lab. I am interested in Programming Languages and Software Engineering.

Before that, I obtained my Bachelor of Engineering from School of Computer Science, Wuhan University. My bachelor’s thesis, “Effective Stack Wear Leveling for NVM”(《面向非易失性内存的栈空间损耗均衡方法研究》) has been advised by Qingan Li, and I have also done research in Graph Data Mining, advised by Yuanyuan Zhu.

I enjoy computer programming (my favorite programming languages are C++, Python, Shell, and I am an avid Unix fan), photography, hiking, cycling, cooking, and language learning in my free time. If you are interested, feel free to contact me!